July 2021

31st July 2021-At Kilmarnock and DCC Bumble was 1st in Open, BOB and a group short list under judge Isabel Cuthill.

27th July 2021-At Otley CS Bumble was 1st in Graduate, 1st in Open and BOB under judge Adam Rose. She was also 5th in the Junior Stakes under judge David Howarth.

25th July 2021-At the NEWS Champ Show Bumble in the Junior Stakes under Dawn Elrington was 1st and won £30 pocket money! Then under champ show judge Lynne Bowley she was 1st in Junior Bitch, 1st in Yearling Bitch, 2nd in Maiden Bitch, 2nd in Novice Bitch and 1st in Graduate Bitch, and Paisley was 4th in Open Bitch.

24th July 2021-Bumble was 2nd in Junior Bitch and 3rd in Graduate Bitch, and Paisley was 3rd in Open Bitch under judge Jayne Eyeington at Leeds Champ Show 2021.

10th July 2021-Our first Champ Show for 19 months, and what a great day we had with Paisley and Bumble.

First up was Bumble at her very first Champ Show at 16 months old who was 1st in Junior Bitch, 1st in Yearling Bitch and 2nd in Graduate Bitch.
Then it was Paisley’s turn who was attending her first champ show since LKA 2019, where she won her 1st CC and BOB under Fred Ellingford. She was 1st in a super Open Bitch class and then was over the moon that she was also awarded her 2nd CC and BOB!!  Huge thanks to judge Editha Newton. Paisley did a fabulous job in the Gundog Group and I was so proud of her.
11th July 2021-On the way home I called in at GBAS Open Show with Bumble where she was 1st in Yearling, 2nd in Post Graduate and 1st in Limit.