October 2016

30.10.16-Bracken was 1st in Champion Stakes under judge Alistair Moss and 1st in Open Bitch and Best of Breed under judge Taya Allison at Mid Herts Gundog.

29.10.16-Bracken was 1st in Open Bitch and Best of Breed at Midland Counties Champ Show under judge Claire Bainbridge.

07.10.16-Bracken was 2nd in Limit Bitch at SWKA Champ Show under Judge Aidine Howes.  This was Bracken’s last time in Limit Bitch after winning her way out of the class and then becoming a Show Champion.

02.10.16-Bracken was 1st in Open and Best Of Breed under judge Sam Dyer and then was awarded BEST IN SHOW under judge Wendy Cross at East Anglian Gundog Society.  She has also qualified for the East Anglian Supermatch.